Frequently Asked Questions

Microblading – Things to know to get a perfect eyebrow


What is microblading?

Microblading is the service of sculpting eyebrows. It helps create different eyebrow shapes that match the faces of each person. Micronlading not only brings eyebrows that harmonize with facial contours, but also helps change the master’s movements.

The process of making microblading spray using a highly effective device is a pen with a nib, which is a steep blade with 10-15 small needles at the end – only scratching the skin surface without straightening through the skin, like cutting paper.

The fine needle tip contains chemical pigments of different colors. When performing a microbladingon the skin, it will create beautiful, sharp, delicate and extremely natural hairstyles.



As women, everyone wants to be beautiful and perfect, especially the eyebrows. However, up to 80% of women are born with no eyebrows. People are too thin, people are too thick, people are thin, people are pale … so they often have to spend time on make-up.

If you own beautiful, harmonious and delicate eyebrows, it will not only enhance your spirit but also brighten your face. That is why women increasingly come to the address spraying more eyebrows with the purpose of beauty is the main, do not take time and effort makeup that can be maintained in time long.


Not the old people still have the sentence: “Want to know the fate of that person is good or bad, see the shape of their eyebrows” or not? Each shape of eyebrows whether black, thick or thin, delicate shape, fracture … have their own meaning when it affects both the digital and the woman’s skills. Some people own bad sparse eyebrows … had to go to spray aesthetic embroidery to have a horizontal eyebrow shape, arc eyebrows harmonize the face, create sympathy for the opposite and also desire to change the destiny of I am from the perspective of the general.

Even if your eyebrows are ugly, it is considered to be “wealthy” and “rich”. Therefore, there will be no women who want to give their path of publicity, career, love to face difficulties because of the shape of the eyebrows


Eyebrow embroidery time ranges from 100 – 150minutes, depending on the specific situation. It takes only 1 hour to own beautiful eyebrows without having to wear makeup every day is not a long time, you can enlist at any time during the day to perform eyebrow embroidery.

For Microblading form FAQ, the pigments are implanted in the skin only on the surface, not implanted deep into the skin cells like traditional microblading methods. Therefore, the eyebrow microblading area will fade with time. Microblading usually lasts for 1-3 years, depending on the skin type of each person (normal, oily, dry skin). In which normal and dry skin types will have a longer time to focus on oily and aging skin (younger / mature). Besides, skin care and protection also greatly affects the long-term maintenance of pigments. Especially if you want your eyebrows to be durable, you should spray your microblading every 12-18 months.


Beautiful natural eyebrow sculptures will bring you perfect beauty and harmony with the overall face. With only 4 steps in Microblading eyebrow sculpting process, you have a beautiful natural eyebrow:

Step 1: Customers will be consulted and consulted by experts. Advice on the type of ink as well as the shape of your body based on the face, age, skin color, hair color, …

Step 2: The specialists will draw eyebrows for customers to refer. With a plaid pen, the ready-made line specialists help create the perfect shape and eyebrow shape.

Step 3: Clean the eyebrow area then proceed to incubation so that customers feel comfortable during the sculpting process.

Step 4: Customers will be meticulously elaborated and carefully eyed by other specialists so that the eyebrows are intertwined with each millimeter accurately. After being sculpted, customers will get beautiful natural eyebrows with very sharp, thin and small eyebrows.


During the time of performing eyebrow microblading, you will be assured because there is no feeling of pain or discomfort. Because before the microblading was sprayed, the specialist had local anesthesia so you could see what the specialist was doing but it didn’t hurt at all.

After spraying the microblading, you can go back to doing the work normally. However, you should also be careful not to touch the new microblading, nor to touch the water at this location



After the process is done, all tools used for each customer will be discarded. It includes blades, hand tools, wipes and any other products used in the process that are treated as biohazardous waste after each appointment, helping each customer be assured of health safety issues

After spraying the embroidery, you need to have a care process to ensure that the eyebrows are not infected. It is best if you need advice on how to care for your wound before spraying the embroidery.
Some notes after performing tattoo spray: Immediately after implementation, your eyebrows will be darker, evenly and more beautifully defined. However, about 3-4 days later, the mcroblading will be red and swollen. This is a normal sign and will disappear within 1-2 days, no later than 3 days. During the next 6-8 weeks the tattoo will be shaped and has beautiful colors, colors and brighter. After 6 weeks, eyebrows will be stable and you can manipulate touch / adjust.